Photo facial Skin Rejuvenation - $249 PER AREA

Treats sun damage, freckles, fine lines, broken capillaries, and redness by using intense pulsed light to target skin imperfections.

Acne Reduction - $195 PER TREATMENT

Specifically targets active acne bacteria using BBL wavelength technology. 

Skin Tightening - $325-$550 PER AREA

Stimulates collagen to improve skin tightness through the use of advance cosmetic
$325 per small area $475 per medium
area $550 per large area

(*If Packaged with Fat Freezing expect 2
service discount)

Micro Needling - $299 PER TREATMENT

Uses micro needling technology to help combat a variety of common skin care concerns,
including scarring, stretch marks, melasma and more. Add a PRP (Blood) Booster - $300

Ematrix - $495 PER TREATMENT

A radio frequency treatment that partially removes the skin to help address uneven
textures, tone, tightening, acne, wrinkles, pigmentation and stretch marks.

1540 Non-Abrasive Fractional -  $695 PER TREATMENT

Address fine lines, uneven textures, melasma, stretch marks, scarring, laxity/hollowness, and poikiloderma.

Profractional Therapy - $595 PER TREATMENT

This unique treatment helps with fine lines, uneven pigmentation, laxity, scarring, stretch marks and wrinkles.

2940 Skin Resurfacing - $655 PER TREATMENT

Address deep lines, wrinkles, scarring, uneven texture, pigmentation, laxity/hollowness, and actinic keratosis.

Halo Hybrid Fractional - $995 PER TREATMENT

This popular treatment helps with sun damage, freckling, texture, tone, pore size, and melasma. GREAT FOR ALL SKIN TYPES!

Mirco Laser Peel - $895 PER TREATMENT

Uses a laser to create thousands of tiny, microscopic holes to stimulate collage production and send your body into an advanced healing and regeneration state.

Skin Rejuvenation Eye Treatment - $250-$395

Reduces wrinkles, sagging skin, and puffiness. Increases circulation and cell turn over creating new collagen and elastin.


Small Area: Bikini, Chin, Neck,
Upper lip, Axilla, Areola


• Single treatment $149

• Package of 4 $476 (save $120)

• Package of 6 $715 (save $179)

• Package of 8 $954 (save $283)



Medium Area: Brazilian, half leg,
Half Arms, Abs, Half Back, Chest, Shoulders, Full face


  • Single Treatment $229

  • Package of 4 $733 (save $183)

  • Package of 6 $1,099 (save $275)

  • Package of 8 1,466 (save $446)


Breaks up the ink in a tattoo resulting in diminishing pigmentation. 


Size of a Business card 

$200 for 3 treatments


Size of ½ of paper  

$400 for 3 treatments.

 ** Additional treatments will be required for best results. 

Laser Lipo + Skin Tightening

Guaranteed to lose inches during your very first session. 2 part treatment consists of first killing the fat cells never to return again lastly RF LASER to tighten the skin by elevating the body temperature to increase the collagen and shrink pores causing the skin to contract and lift to create a contoured body.


Best treatment to eliminate stubborn fat. Sculpt the body you’ve always wanted. FDA APPROVED. NO SURGERY OR DOWNTIME. High patient satisfaction.


1+Hour Service - Packages Includes 6 Treatments

  • Chin/ Neck $650

  • Arms $750

  • Flanks $900

  • Back $1300

  • Thighs $1000

  • Tummy Area (Upper & Lower) $1700

  • Brazilian Butt Lift $1975 (Full)

  • Breast Lift $1375

  • Lower Legs $750

* Pricing may vary based on area beyond normal treatment size. 

Velashape Cellulite Reduction - $325 PER AREA

Smooths, firms, and shape the body by reducing the
appearance of cellulite through infrared and radiofrequency technology.

Double Chin (Coolsculpting mini) - * CONSULT REQUIRED FOR PRICING

Freeze and permanently eliminate stubborn fat under the chin. No Surgery! NO DOWN TIME!

Hydrafacial - $175 PER TREATMENT

Helps remove dead skin, extracts impurities, while cleansing, hydrating and moisturizing the skin. 

* Add on boosters available for additional cost

Chemical Peels - $195-$375

Helps rejuvenate the skin by targeting pigmentation to provide a more even skin tone. Can help with texture as well. Several levels of customizable chemical depth are offered ranging from

Intraceutical Oxygen Facial - $160 PER TREATMENT

This treatment gives a “glow” by cooling and calming the skin with therapeutic grade
under hyperbaric pressure.

Teeth Whitening - $175 PER TREATMENT

Safe, gentle, professional teeth whitening with advanced whitening technology.

Dermaplane - $75 PER TREATMENT

Exfoliates, while removing fine hairs and dead skin. Maximizes results when paired with specific treatments.

Skin tag removal - $125 PER TREATMENT

Advance radio-frequency technology capable of ridding unwanted skin tags almost anywhere on your body!

Spider Tag removal - $175- $495

Sclerotherapy or laser vein reduction